What does MukhVenu mean?

The idea for the name came thanks to a comment on FaceBook by U.V. Ravindra. “Mukh” is a sanskrit word which means “Face” and “Venu” which is also a sanskrit word means “Flute”. We felt that it is a nice way to describe whistling (Face-Flute).

What does “Latanjali – Ek Upahaar” mean?

That is the title of the first whistling album launched on MukhVenu in honor of the legendary singer of Indian Cinema, Lata Mangeshkar (Lataji in short). “Anjali” means an offering and “Ek Upahaar” means “One Gift” (this was suggested by Shreelakshmi Ramaswamy).

The title “Latanjali” was inspired by the song series of Lataji run by Anil Hingorani and Hrishi Dixit on rec.music.indian.misc (RMIM for short) a usenet group that was started in the 90s.

This album is a small offering and gift to Lataji.

Do you have a YouTube channel, Facebook Page, Twitter account etc.?

Yes, you can follow MukhVenu on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Why am I not able to purchase a single track of the album?

At this time, we are not able to offer the option of purchasing of individual tracks. Two purchase options are available entire album in digital format (high quality MP3) or CD.

Can I pay using my country’s currency? Is the price different if I pay in US Dollars vs Indian Rupees etc.?

The payment services are through Paypal which accepts all major credit and debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express) across the world and payments can be made using your native currency.

Payment options vary between India vs other countries as specified in the payment page.

I am having issues with the website, payment is not working, can’t download songs, links are broken etc. What can I do?

Please contact us and we will be glad to help you out.

Can I buy the CD instead of digital download?

We are issuing a limited quantity of the CDs. Please contact us to get the cost details of the CD. If you order the CD, you will also get complimentary digital copies of the songs and ringtones that you can download from the site.

Note due to Covid-19 restrictions, CD shipping is not available in India and certain other countries.

Can I buy the karaoke tracks used in the album?

The karaoke tracks cannot be bought from us as we don’t have the rights to sell them independent of the whistling renditions.