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It has been one year since we announced the launch of my first whistling album “Latanjali – Ek Upahaar” a whistling tribute to the living legend Lata Mangeshkar on the occasion of her 90th birthday on September 28th, 2019. (The album officially came out a few months later). Today we wish a very Happy Birthday to Lataji as she completes 91 glorious years!

We are happy to announce that the album is available both in CD format as well as digital on this site (more options coming soon). Album info below. Hope Lataji and her fans like the album.

Album Cover Art

Latanjali – Ek Upahaar CD

Sketch of Lata Mangeshkar by Shreelakshmi Ramaswamy
Sketch of Lata Mangeshkar by Shreelakshmi Ramaswamy in honor of her 90th Birthday

“Latanjali – Ek Upahaar” – Whistling Album Launch Video

“Latanjali – Ek Upahaar” Whistling Album – One Year Anniversary Video